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Fall Colour Refresh

Feeling down about summer being over and fall coming around the corner? You know how fabulous a hair colour refresh or new highlights can make you feel? Surrounding yourself with paint colours you love can also boost your mood, while updating the look of your home at the same time. As Sheryl Crow sings, “A…
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How to hire a Professional Organizer

Hiring a Professional Organizer can be a bit scary. The whole idea of having someone come into you home and go through your things can be a bit unnerving. Perhaps I can help you navigate the process. I recently did a consultation for a couple that were looking to hire a Professional Organizer to work…
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Stop! Don’t put your stuff in storage bins!

Good home organizing is SO much more than storage bins. As a professional organizer, I frequently work with clients who think that, in order to organize their kitchen, basement, bedroom, or wherever, they need to run out and buy baskets, boxes and storage bins. Not true necessarily, and here’s why:   Just taking “stuff” and putting…
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