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We all have them – those drawers and closets full of “stuff” that we have been meaning to deal with. But if you are overwhelmed by clutter, or you don’t have enough storage, then Clutterfly can help. We have expertise in working with seniors and those who struggle with staying organized as well as hoarding. We can work with you on-site and in-person or virtually using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Downsizing (or Right-sizing as we like to call it) and moving can be VERY stressful for most people – but not if Clutterfly takes over. We take care of the important details so you can focus on enjoying life in your new home!

With our organizing talents, we can turn a caterpillar into a butterfly. Don’t laugh – it’s true! We can declutter and de-personalize your home to make it ready for staging. We can coordinate repairs, cleaning, painting or whatever you need to get your home sale-ready. Clutterfly can work with your real estate agent or even give you recommendations for some of the wonderful agents that we have worked with!

When a loved one has passed away, dealing with their home and contents can be a monumental task when you are grieving. Let Clutterfly take care of the work while you focus on your family and friends. You don’t have to do this alone.