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Professional Organizing services in the Greater Toronto Area

organizing2Your home should be your oasis - a place where you can relax and unwind. But are you agitated, frustrated or even stressed out by your home? Is clutter and lack of storage a daily thorn in your side? Well, if your drains are backed up, you would hire a plumber. If your washing machine stopped working then you would call a repairman. So if your home is clogged with stuff and it isn't working for you then call in Clutterfly to declutter and organize! Here's what we do:


    assess your space and make the most of your storage
    design an organizing system that works with your lifestyle and daily habits
    integrate systems with your home decor (make it look good!)
    make things simpler


    sort items to keep, sell or donate
    recommend systems to keep clutter under control
    respect cherished items and memories and create ways to preserve them
    reclaim space and storage
    bring peace of mind to our clients

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