Here's what our clients say about us!

"You understood me"

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for your help during what’s been a trying time on a number of personal fronts. From the get-go, you brought your keen, focused, and non-judgemental eye into my home (a place I was never so thrilled for anyone to see). Within no time at all, you understood me and you translated that into a comprehensive plan to de-clutter, sort out, pack, move, and store my “life in boxes”. Your ability to connect with me and understand my situation was eye-opening. I especially appreciated your team approach and your sense of humour; I felt supported and encouraged all the way through and I enjoyed the process as opposed to dreading it and shutting down. I could not have gotten through this without you!




"You are the Best!"

Working with Kim to getting rid my clutter has been the best experience for me. She worked so hard and now my place looks lovely. I feel great! Before this process I was so stressed and now feel happy and have a great deal of energy. Thank you so much! You are the Best! I look forward to working with you again!

Diane Bradey


"They simplified my life"

They are wonderful! They simplified my life! I am thankful I chose them. They made the process so easy- by myself I couldn't have done it!

Marie-Josée Duchesne


"Hardworking and very kind"

Amazing experience with these ladies. Friendly, great ideas, hardworking and very kind. Can't wait to start the next project.

Jennifer Ferland


"You were organized, friendly, efficient and simply awesome"

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Clutterfly came into my home office and transformed it from a dark, cluttered place to a light, zen, organized space where I feel creative. I am actually excited to wake up each morning knowing I get to spend a chunk of my day in my office. You were organized, friendly, efficient and simply awesome.

Lisa Eisen


"Kim is such a positive bright person who can change your life"

I am not a person who moves their home. I was terrified to move. I had been in my same apartment for the last 18 years, it was a basement apartment, I considered it home despite its issues, and I was willing to continue to live with these issues. I did not really want to move, I do not like change. I knew there was signs of mould here and there for years – I knew air quality was very poor and I also knew I really did have to move to benefit my health and my 2 innocent little Chihuahuas who deserved a better home.

It was a very uncomfortable decision which I was forced to make. I could hardly move in my apartment- I could not find things when I needed them there was too much here – what was the point of having things if I simply could not find them? I never dreamed there was so much hidden in this small apartment- it was unbelievable. I was in denial, I could not see it. I considered my place to be “cozy”.

Then I was introduced to Kim Diamond of Clutterfly by a friend - no strings attached I was told – just see what she has to say and think about it - which I did. And of course I also told myself I could not afford her help – I was not willing to consider it or make it a priority. Upon meeting her I could not help but feel how very approachable, honest and friendly she was. She promised me that she would make this work out no matter what. She would find a way to help me and that we would figure things out so I could handle the costs financially “we will make it work out” how could I say no now. I then started to feel she was someone who honestly wanted to help me. All along the way she stayed positive, supportive and strong and then all of a sudden I noticed - WE HAD DONE IT, I WAS MOVED!!

She helped me so very much both emotionally and physically – it was not an easy process but with all of her help and dedication and belief in me we just kept moving forward to its end. I started to look forward to her visits – I would wait anxiously for her to arrive – I was getting my future back. With each visit she brought in the strength – she wasted no time from beginning to end each visit accomplished so very much. I could not have done this without her professional help. Even a friend could not have done what she did for me and boy is she strong and independent. This process was life changing.

I do recommend Clutterfly to anyone who feels stuck in their home without choices for change. Well, you do have choices and when you make up your mind to take her help - you will find no other company more positive, hardworking and professional than Clutterfly. I recommend her completely with all my heart!

Even the moving company she works with were great – they were very hard working, supportive, kind and great guys – I had never seen a group of people work harder than they did (In and Out Movers). This type of help is needed for so many people who feel stuck and uncomfortable with change. I have to say my life is now open and free – my dogs are so very happy now – they run and play – tails are wagging, they are brighter and so very much happier – they now have room to play together and enjoy themselves.

As I look back recently I can now see my dogs were very depressed and so was I. Kim is such a positive bright person who can change your life if you let her and make this a priority to need change – just reach out to her you will never regret it! Thank you again Kim you are one person I will never forget for the rest of my life – you moved me out of the roots of the tree where I seemed to be content to hide and took me up to the branches and leaves of the trees out into the sun. I will never forget the important work you can do for someone like myself and my little innocent dogs. I recommend Kim and her company Clutterfly to anyone who needs help and may or may not know it!!! Good Luck!

Sharon F.

"Efficient, cost conscious, and courteous"

Kim has been an integral piece of my real estate business for the last year. They are efficient, cost conscious, and courteous to my older adult clients. Kim ispositive and outgoing and regardless of the scope of the moving/purging/donating/staging task she is assigned. She brings a smile and sense of ease to my clients. If thinking of moving and need someone to help you manage the overwhelming task ahead, whether it be yourself, your Mom and Dad or your Grandparents, Clutterfly are the team to help!

Jane Mooy
Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services/Johnston & Daniels Division

"Reliable, industrious, dependable"

What can I say... Knowing that I have two professionals who are reliable, industrious, dependable and don't need hand-holding to get the job done is priceless. Your decorating instincts are unparalleled and your ability to get the home owner to collaborate is a rare gift. And Kim, you're stronger than anyone I know! Thank you for moving that piano, all by yourself...

Sam Soukas
Sales Representative, Sage Real Estate, Brokerage

"Fast, efficient and professional"

Youwere such a great help in getting me packed up and ready to move.  When the movers arrived there was nothing for them to do but put my 'life' on the truck.  You helped to make sure my belongings arrived safely and without any damage. Your cheerful disposition, fast, efficient and professional  manner helped during an otherwise stressful time. Thank you!


"Positive, energetic professionals"

The ladies are positive, energetic professionals who can take a project from planning and estimation to completion with no disruption to the client. They began with an untidy, disorganized office and revealed to me a calm, beautiful room in which it is a pleasure to work. They took my colour preferences and personal requirements into consideration while creating sleek and functional work space. Everything from purchasing to furniture assembly and placement of my files was carried out in a timely fashion with care and sensitivity. This company and these talented women would be an asset to any downsizing, decluttering or staging assignment.

Janice Moore
Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Musician

"Many creative ideas on space and storage"

I had the pleasure of working with this company during the spring of 2014. They assisted me in reorganizing my home. I found that I was putting off the task for many years but when I heard about [them], I knew this would be the answer…. I was so right! I have had a number of health issues so clearing away files, extraneous accessories, toys and used items were too much for me to handle. Also as shopping is difficult, they brought in items that would have taken too much energy for me to handle.

The women came in, assessed the situation and came up with many creative ideas on space and storage. As well they understood my style and brought in interesting and fashionable cabinets, accessories such as bedspread, curtains, lamps, advised on colours for painting, and in addition recommended an excellent painter. As well they are well skilled in lighting installation and hanging curtains. If something was not right, they came immediately to repair or upgrade the items.

While the tasks seemed overwhelming to me, they always exuded confidence and positivity which made me very excited about work and results. Many friends and family have visited and everyone remarks on the style and how fast it was done. I highly recommend them as it will make enormous difference to any home moving, organizing or decorating projects.

Roslyn Savage

"I am their number 1 fan"

I am real estate agent and my client was in desperate need of help with getting her house in selling condition. The house had been neglected for a long time. I came across [Kim's company] when doing a search for decluttering and organizing and referred them to my client. It was the best thing I ever did and now I am their number 1 fan! They worked very hard to declutter, organize, sort, clean, paint, landscape, stage and got the property ready to sell. It was a difference from night to day! Could not even recognize the house after they were done. And after 10 days, it was SOLD! Great job!

Veronica Joseph Nurse
Sales Representative, RE/MAX Rouge River Realty