Downsizing & move management

Downsizing Services & Move Management in the Greater Toronto Area

This can be a VERY stressful and overwhelming time for most people - but not if Clutterfly takes over! We take care of the important details so you can focus on your new home!

Moving - Cardboard Box on Hand Truck.

Some things are going to have to go and we can make the process a happy one instead of an emotional train wreck.

   Work with client to determine what items are to be kept for the new home
   Coordinate, donations, consignment or appraisal and/or auction services
   Clean and stage home to prepare for sale.
   Pre-pack and store unnecessary items


This can be a VERY stressful day for most people - but not if Clutterfly takes over! We take care of the important details like labeling and tracking the contents of every box so if you need to find something, it can be done! We eliminate the need to be in two places at the same time so you can get excited about your new home.

   Source movers and moving supplies. Coordinate schedule with homeowner
   Provide standard quantity of moving boxes/totes and packing materials
   Pack and inventory home contents.
   Provide homeowner with complete list of all boxes and contents
   Arrange for storage unit or pod if required (cost of storage is extra)
   Supervise move with homeowner to ensure nothing is left behind and home is secured


This is the hardest part of moving - arriving at your new home and being surrounded by a Tsunami of boxes. It’s overwhelming. Clutterfly makes the most of your space and quickly gets your home operational so you can get on with your busy life.

   Clean your new home before moving in
   Unpack and put away unpacked items and organize home contents
   Dispose of packing materials


It’s the polite thing to do - leave your old home fresh and clean to welcome its new owners. Clutterfly will remove the packing debris, leave no trace of the movers’ footprints and cage the giant dustbunnies that always emerge when a house is emptied.

   Ensure your old home is clean and ready for its new owners - even the appliances
   Check to make sure nothing was left behind


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