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This Valentine’s Day, Put The Past To Bed

With Valentine’s coming up, it’s hard not to notice how practically everything is geared towards couples. This is fine if you’re one half of a happy couple, but meanwhile, there are people dealing with break-ups, separations, divorce or even the death of a spouse. So while others are out in the cold, shopping for Valentine’s…
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Professional Organizer: What do they really do?

Are you wondering what a Professional Organizer really does?     A Professional Organizer is a versatile and valuable resource but there are also some misconceptions about their services that I hope to clear up. Here's a primer on what they do and don't do. We are problem solvers. A real Professional Organizer (P.O.) looks for…
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Confessions of a Toronto professional organizer

Confessions of a Toronto professional organizer When I arrive at a client’s home for the initial consultation, most often the first words out of their mouths is an apology for the mess. Such apologies are truly unnecessary! As a Toronto-based Professional Organizer, I hold no judgment when I inspect a home. Messes are what I…
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