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The Scary Reality of Hoarding

Halloween has come and gone – perhaps even the candy, too. And while there may be a few homes on your street with their spooky decorations still out on display, is there also a house that looks scary all year round? Maybe the drapes are closed in the front window but there is stuff piled…
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Professional Organizer: What do they really do?

Are you wondering what a Professional Organizer really does?     A Professional Organizer is a versatile and valuable resource but there are also some misconceptions about their services that I hope to clear up. Here's a primer on what they do and don't do. We are problem solvers. A real Professional Organizer (P.O.) looks for…
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How to hire a Professional Organizer

Hiring a Professional Organizer can be a bit scary. The whole idea of having someone come into you home and go through your things can be a bit unnerving. Perhaps I can help you navigate the process. I recently did a consultation for a couple that were looking to hire a Professional Organizer to work…
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