With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would share some tips about organizing in the bedroom. As a Professional Organizer, I see a lot of messy bedrooms, and regardless of your relationship status, clutter can affect your life…your sex life!




It’s amazing how a few small tasks can make a huge difference, even in the bedroom. At Clutterfly, we recommend you take on one small task at a time – the last thing we want if for you to feel overwhelmed. Change may not happen overnight, but slowly, you’ll see that if you get busy decluttering your bedroom, you’re on your way to getting busy with your significant other!


cluttered bedroom


If you’re single – it’s all about clearing the clutter and making room for romance.

  • Clear off your bed. Just because you only sleep on the one side, you still need to keep the other side clear of unfolded clothes, books, magazines, bags of chips, etc. And eliminate any unnecessary pillows. Make room for the possibility of an overnight guest.
  • Clear out the past. Remove all signs of your youth, especially stuffed animals. Also put away photos of your ex, your parents, etc. Nothing kills the moment faster than a photo of mom and dad staring up from your nightstand.
  • Clear the clutter. Tidy up and either remove or put away anything that doesn’t need to be out on display, including any medications. While you’re at it, hide your journal, dream board and diary – all TMI for someone you just met or barely know.
  • Clear the floor. Tidy up and remove anything off the floor. You don’t want a new suitor tripping in the dark or stepping on a squeaky dog toy on the way to the bathroom.


According to Feng Shui, symmetry is optimal for the layout of furniture in bedrooms. Make sure your bedroom is set up for two – even if you’re living alone. So invest in a pair of matching nightstands, (with a drawer for storage), and bedside lamps.


If you’re in a relationship – it’s all about eliminating distractions and making time for romance.

  • Eliminate mess. Take the time to tidy up, whether you do it together or on your own. Nothing kills the mood faster than the sight of a bed covered with mounds of clean laundry that needs to folded. Even worse, it creates the opportunity for the two of you to end up bickering over chores instead of getting intimate.
  • Eliminate electronics. Unplug. Make it a rule – for both of you – that, on date night, but ideally every night, no electronics after 9 pm. For help sticking to this rule, set up a charging station in the hall or kitchen. While you’re at it, keep all remotes out of reach. Otherwise, you could end up watching This Is Us or binging on Netflix, only to realize it’s how late it’s gotten and you’re now either too tired for sex or have to get to sleep to get up early – or both.
  • Eliminate others. No kids, no pets. At least not on date night. Having a hard time keeping youngsters out of your bedroom? Head to the hardware store to get a doorknob you can lock from inside your bedroom. The only person who should see you wearing that sexy number from Victoria’s Secret is your partner.
  • Eliminate distractions. This means no work is allowed in the bedroom! No laptop, no files, no paperwork. If it’s not done be the time you head for bed, it can wait until tomorrow. If it’s an urgent deadline, you’ll be too distracted to focus on your partner, so apologize, offer a rain check and head to your home office or kitchen table and get the work done.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, always make the bed before you head out at night (ideally you should make it every morning right when you wake up). Even if you end up coming home alone, there’s nothing better than a bed that’s ready and waiting for you to crawl inside.


Safe Sex: Now that your room is ready for romance, it’s also safer for setting the mood. Without clutter, paperwork, newspapers, magazines, scarves, laundry, etc., your bedroom should now have room for a safe spot to light a candle (without the worry of anything near the flame or a pile of papers nearby that might fall and knock the candle over).

sexy bedroom

Sweet Dreams: Sex or no sex, if you commit to doing all of the above – and not just for Valentine’s night, but all the time – you’re also taking steps towards ensuring a better night’s sleep.