10 Top Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room!

Your laundry room should be more than a dumping ground for dirty clothes and a place to store your vacuum cleaner. With good design, proper organization and some pretty paint, this utility space can be transformed to a pleasant place to spend some time! OK…unless you love doing laundry this is probably an exaggeration, but these things sure can help make laundry less onerous!


organized laundry room









Here are 10 top tips:

1. Convert a cupboard to pull-out baskets.

sliding baskets in laundry room

You can use them to either sort the dirty laundry into whites, darks and colours, or perhaps use a basket for clean laundry that is grouped by room or floor of your house. Whatever works for you. Get out your label-maker and go to town! (Ha! That’s me getting overly enthusiastic about organizing again. I do love my label-maker!)


2. Have a built-in ironing board!

ironing board built into wall

Ironing boards always seem to be in the way. The joy of a built-in version is being able to fold it up and get it out of the way when you don’t need it. Maybe even have a cubby below to store your iron and linen water…Ooooh!



use hooks to hang ironing board



And if you can’t build it in then at least put up a few hooks to hang the ironing board out of the way. You can even add some painted wood and trim to make it a décor feature!




3. Install a pull-out drying rack

retractable drying rack

Again, this makes smart use of your space and can be pulled out when needed and pushed back when empty. Hang all of your ‘unmentionables’ on it and spare your delicates the heat and damage of the dryer.




pull-out drying rack


There are many types available. This accordion version offers many rods in a compact design.


laundry room drying rack













4. Change your cupboard knobs to hooks

use hooks instead of knobs in laundry room

Why not make use of every space? These simple, yet functional pieces of hardware can come in handy when you have loads of laundry to do. Save energy and money by letting things hang to dry.




5. Add shelving

laundry room shelf

This is an easy way to add function and style to your laundry room. Use some pretty containers to store dryer sheets, linen water and even some pretty ‘objets d’art’. You can even add some decorative baskets to store other household items like light bulbs, cleaning supplies and tablecloths. I also recommend a clock so you don’t get lost in the beauty of your stunning laundry room and forget to do your other chores!




6. Buy in bulk then display in refillable containers

how to store your detergent

Here is another opportunity to add pretty things to your laundry room. Use a collection of antique glass containers that your grandmother gave you or a funky modern plastic set that you found at Walmart to hold your laundry detergent, washing soda or dryer sheets. Keep your overstock on those handy shelves that you put up.




organized laundry room










7. Rescue your treasures and orphans

where to put orphan socks

Use your creativity here! Make space for the loose change and other surprises that you find in pockets (or the dryer…). Since every laundry room has a black hole that socks disappear into, then you will need a place to hang the orphans until they can be reunited (is that possible?). In my case, I use a small basket since I currently have about 35 socks without mates in my house! What the..?




8. Paint the room a happy colour!

yellow paint inspirations

What colour make you feel happy? Pink? Sea glass blue? Meadow green? Paint an accent wall or do the whole room that colour. Accent it with bright white to create a clean, fresh look.  You will be more likely to spend time in there and get your laundry done!







9. Use the door!

organized laundry room

Add hooks, racks or even a good shower caddy on to the door to create extra storage. This is especially handy for small laundry rooms where you can’t add shelving or cupboards.







10. Look up!

hanging ladder in laundry room as a drying rack

Using strong hooks, suspend an old ladder from the ceiling (it only needs to be and inch or two lower) so you can hang laundry to dry. Buy some good quality hangers and clothespin hooks so you can dry blouses, lacy undies, and other handwash items.




The possibilities are endless! Take a weekend and transform your dingy, neglected laundry room into an organized and stress-free space that looks like it came out of House & Home magazine. Turn laundry time into loads of fun. Who knows, maybe even your teenagers will want to do their own laundry! (OK, OK… I’m exaggerating again…)